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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have failed to adequately address anything in this section or on our website that you would like to know more about please feel free to contact us. Many of our clients are initially unclear on how to get started, so we encourage them to view our steps of web page development to learn more about our client/designer development process. WEBPINNER welcomes your thoughts, questions, and suggestions.

  • How much do you charge designing a Website?

    Although we committe ourselves to affordability, a number of factors affect the ultimate cost of your Website. For instance, number of pages you are going to have, the amount of artwork that is required; a database, e-commerce shopping cart or other advanced services.
  • How do you want me to make Payments?

    You pay 50% before we start designing your Website and another 50% must be completed before we upload your Website. Payments can be made through; Cash Payments, Phone Payment System, Cheques, Visa Card, Credit Card.
  • How does the process work (from start to finish)?

    • A meeting either by phone or in person to discuss requirements and structure of the project.
    • We provide formal proposal for your review and approval. Then a 50% deposit is required to begin work.
    • You give us content you want on your website i.e. texts, special images). If you don't have, we offer content writing services as well.
    • We submit completed web pages for your review and apply reasonable changes you may need. Once the website is complete, we'll walk you through and explain how to use it if necessary.
    • Once you give a final approval then the remaining balance is due for your website to go live on Air!

    ***    Working together is important for best service and completing your project in agreed time frame.   ***
  • What Do You need from me for My Website?

    • Readiness is Key! Do you know what kind of feel you are looking for?
    • Do you have information you want on the website?
    • Do you have an idea of what kind of graphics you need on the website?
    • Do you have a business Logo since it's a Business Identity?
  • For how long will it take you to complete My Website?

    Readiness is Key! Is the information you want on the website ready?
    Depends on factors like; how many pages or how big is the Website, amount of artwork, ecommerce options or the advanced services required. After the initial website design consultation, your website can be "live" in as little as 14 days. If in a rush; please do not hesitate Get In Touch with Us if you need it as soon as possible.
  • I saw a website that I really liked, can you build the same for me?

    Not exactly. We cannot duplicate someone else's website because it is unethical and is also a violation of copyrights. If you came across a website that you liked, we will do our best to create something that falls within a similar design concept.
  • What if I need help creating or editing my website content?

    We can assist in almost every aspect of getting your website up and running, including content writing. This can add time to the production schedule depending on the degree of support required, and clients are required to provide an overview / basic information so that we can work our magic and produce great copy for your website.
  • Can I have access to update my own website?

    Absolutely, just make sure you tell me about your needs and I will build the web site on a platform that will allow you to quickly and easily update your site. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • Can you make website updates for me?

    Of course! our extremely affordable website maintenance packages allow us to update your site quickly and easily. We offer two options:
    • you can either pay on a monthly basis or
    • pay on an "as needed" basis.
  • Can I make changes to my website after it is already up?

    Yes. We have no problem applying changes that are reasonable in nature such as modifying text or adding links. We do not charge for any of these changes as long as they do not go significantly beyond what's listed in the formal proposal.
  • Will I get individualized attention?

    This is one of the benefits of working with WEBPINNER! The thing that has made us stand out from many of the larger companies is the fact that we provide individualized attention to every single one of our clients. Trust me!!! you will not get lost in the shuffle.
  • Will I get a One-Of-A-Kind website?

    We will create a custom web design that best represents YOU and your company’s unique needs. We never use the same template twice. No "cookie cutter" websites here!!! Our artistic ability and creative problem solving is ideal for designing modern, eye-catching and effective promotional material.
  • What types of Clients do you work with?

    Our clients are unique and diversified. Clients include: professionals, executives, lawyers, bloggers, consultants, schools, colleges, photographers, non-profit organizations, therapists, importers & exporters, public enterprises, real estate agents and that's just a tip of an ice-bag! Creative designs = happy clients! Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • How accessible are you?

    We use the latest technology, so that clients can easily contact us. Call, Text, or Email us 24/7/365 and your updates will be live on the website within the next few hours.
  • Where are you located?

    We are based in Wandegeya, Kampala the business capital of Uganda, We always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the most current trends in online marketing. That being said, we have clients from all over the East Africa and beyond! Modern technology makes it easy for us to work with clients all-over. With WEBPINNER, no matter where you(the client) are located we can serve you.
  • How can a Website Help My Business?

    A Website avails your business Online 24/7/365 for those who may be looking for you Online. It brings your Business to your Website visitors' computer desktops. Instead of being within the reach of only those who Walk In your store on the Street or see your advert in the Yellow Pages, with Internet you can reach people across the world. Websites make Business easy.
  • Will a Non-Mobile Responsive Site Hurt My SEO Rankings?

    You need to adapt quickly to changes in the Google algorithm and technology. You must have one site, which is of a responsive design (meaning it would adapt to different screen sizes) or Google […] The users of mobile technology will find it easy to navigate your website hence increasing your number of website visitors.

    Click the following link and enter your website Domain Name to tell whether your Website is Mobile-Responsive friendly? - https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/
  • Which search engines should I submit my website to?

    You do not need to submit your website to search engines because we will do it for you. The most important search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. These account for over 95% of all internet searches, so it would be safe to say that you're covered. Other search engines such as AOL, Earthlink and Netscape are fed by search results from the major three.
  • Do you charge anything for web consultation?

    No. In fact we'd be happy to give you free advice. Just contact us at any time via email, phone or Live Chat and we'll answer any questions you may have. If possible we may also arrange for a meeting so we can personally discuss any concerns, again free of charge.
  • What is your design experience?

    Wilfred and other designers I work with, have advanced training and education in website design, graphic design, and web scripting languages. To design the pages I primarily use Adobe Dreamweaver yet will use other design generators to compliment the development as necessary. To enhance the design process I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks, Acrobat Professional, and a variety of other essential design programs and applications for creating diverse effect such as flash slideshows, CSS menus, Forums, Blogs, Calendars, Polls, and most anything else you've seen on the web.
  • Do you build Content Management Systems (CMS)?

    Yes, we build CMS websites utilizing the Joomla CMS and WordPress platforms primarily, though we have worked with a variety of other Open-source platforms and will work with these platforms as needed.
  • Do you provide Social Media Marketing?

    Yes we do!! Social Media marketing is a pretty broad area, and for this reason we focus on the most commonly used platforms. These include:
    • Facebook: We create custom Facebook pages that will match the style of your existing website, and can assist you in improving your FB content, and page visitors.
    • Twitter: We can assist you with Twitter use and integration in your website or blog, and how to get followers.
    • LinkedIn: We provide assistance on setting up and administering a LinkedIn account.
    • Google-plus: We can assist you with the setup and content inclusion, and provide advice on how to make the most out of this relatively new social media option.
    • Blog: We can create a custom blog to meet your business needs, and show you how to administer it, and write effective blog posts.

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