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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us? Dare to compare WEBPINNER!

Not just convincing you, but here are the reasons to hire us:

1. We take a human-centered approach to design & digital. By understanding your customers at a deeper level: their wants, needs and perceptions – we're able to create more effective websites and campaign.

2. We have cheap and affordable web solutions

3. High Quality Website Designs Which Are All SEO Friendly

4. Timely Project Delivery Dates

5. We establish long-term, successful and friendly relationships with all of our clients.

6. We do not take budgets for granted. We give set project fees and don’t nickel & dime you with invoices. Our rates are transparent, we list every component in detail, and describe what you will be getting for your money.

7. Provided the scope does not change, we stick to the original agreed-upon budget. This is one reason our business continues to grow, and our clients engage us for ongoing work and new projects.

8. Unlike larger firms that are hard to get a hold of; we offer personalized attention, intense focus, and a sincere desire to satisfy. The lack of a large overhead allows us to offer affordable services.

9. We work with clients of all sizes; small, medium and large firms.

10. We do not cycle designers onto your project after the contract is signed.

11. We do not outsource. We would never let someone else do the fun stuff.

12. We offer free on-site and on-phone training to help you manage your own business website.

13. We offer free domain names, free website hosting and provide upto 10 free email accounts for One Year for the websites we design.

Our approach is open and flexible. We believe in working closely with you to capture your company's image and philosophy. Your image being important, we work mindfully and tirelessly to ensure an eye for quality and an ability to meet all of the demands of your budget. Entrusting us – guarantees that we should pleasantly surprise you. We beat everybody's charges in this Industry - guaranteed

We welcome businesses of all sizes - small, medium and large. While the majority of our clients are based in Kampala and the surrounding districts, we also handle clients in the whole of Uganda. We also serve clients in countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Africa as whole.

Glad You've Found Us...

The Hard Part Is Over!!!
Is your business a success online because of your old website or in spite of it? If your site is more then a year old you need to revisit and run some tests to check performance. If your website is over 2 years old then it is Outdated.

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Our Skills

  • Web Development
  • Social Media Development and Management
  • SEO and SEM Management
  • Web Hosting
  • Graphic design
  • PC and Laptop Repair
  • Computer Networking

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